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Concentrated Floss Orange 1lb

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Concentrated Floss 1lb
Whether perfectly packaged in a plastic bag or piled high atop a classic paper cone, cotton candy is sure to appeal to all of your patrons! A popular staple at any fair, midway, or concession stand, cotton candy boosts impulse sales and yields one of the highest profit returns. Cotton candy is deliciously light and fresh with a melt-in-your-mouth, sticky-sweet nature that your customers crave. Though many amusement parks use premixed floss sugar to make cotton candy, you can easily mix this Great Western Great Floss blue raspberry floss sugar concentrate with granulated sugar to produce fantastically-flavored cotton candy, and your patrons will notice the difference! Floss sugar concentrate gives cotton candy the proper look, proper aroma, and great taste every time it's spun.

A major distributor of fun concession foods, The Canada Popcorn Company is focused on producing only the tastiest popcorn, sweetest cotton candy, and superlative snow cone syrups. Floss sugar concentrate, like Great Western's Great Floss, is guaranteed not to clog the ribbon heating elements of your cotton candy maker, unless the sugar you are mixing it with contains corn starch. Easy and inexpensive, floss sugar concentrate is an excellent solution for creating delicate and delightful cotton candy that's fluffy, light, and fresh. This floss sugar concentrate provides both flavor and color, and its plastic package seals tightly for convenient storage.

To prepare, add one or two tablespoons of Great Floss to 10 lbs. of cane or beet sugar. Mix thoroughly and it's ready to use in your cotton candy machine.

Sold in a 1 lb. resealable container.