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Caramel Glaze Pop 28oz

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Caramel Glaze Pop 28oz
Caramel Glaze Pop, Glaze Pop is very easy to make and DOES NOT require a special popcorn machine or mixing equipment. Just add one part of Glaze Pop to two parts of popcorn (for example a 6 ounce kettle would use 3 ounces of Caramel Glaze Pop). You can use any oil that you would like to.......of course we are fans of coconut oil. Keep in mind that the color of the oil will not have much of an effect on the flavor, but it can slightly alter the coloring. For all flavors, except chocolate, frosted and caramel, we recommend using white, uncolored oils. Remember - use no Flavacol or popcorn salt during the popping cycle with Glaze Pop. Parve - Kasruth Certificate available upon request.

Please note: Glaze Pop is a light popcorn frosting and will not offer the full kernel coverage of traditional candy coated popcorn that is made with specialized equipment. Caramel Glaze Pop offers an easier, more economical alternative to using expensive mixing equipment and is the only product available that is custom formulated for use in a regular popcorn machine.