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Bulk Ruby Red Popcorn Kernels (4lbs, 5lbs, 6lbs, 7lbs, 8lbs, 9lbs, 10lbs, 11lbs, 12lbs) (Product of Canada)

Prix d'origine $6.99 - Prix d'origine $18.88
Prix d'origine
$6.99 - $18.88
Prix actuel $6.99
UGC 10025R-4

Real Canadian locally-grown popcorn right here in Ontario.

This popcorn is grown and processed in Ontario and delivered to our warehouse.  There is no better popcorn around.

These tiny kernels come packed full of flavor and lots of crunch, popping into a smaller and tighter piece of popcorn compared to the movie theatre style.

Some even described it as having a slightly nutty flavor. These distinctive deep red kernels will not retain their color but pop into a brilliant white piece of popcorn.

Custom filled, you choose exactly how much you need. 

(4lbs, 5lbs, 6lbs, 7lbs, 8lbs, 9lbs, 10lbs, 11lbs, 12lbs) of premium yellow popcorn

Perfect Popcorn Everytime!

Canada Popcorn offers its high-quality gourmet popcorn seed in convenient bags; these attractive bags, which are easier to handle and more convenient to store, are just the ticket for those who want the value of bulk packaging but do not want to handle larger bags. Due to its lighter weight, the bag can be lifted by anyone, and it’s an excellent item for the lower-volume user who wants to open a smaller portion of popcorn seed at one time.


Product of Ontario, Canada